Started From The Bottom – #ThrowbackThursday

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It would be mighty convenient that our “resurrection” post would come on a Wednesday night. But what do we know about planning these things, right? It’s a bit tearful looking through all the memories we have tucked away here. It’s amazing the power of filing away life like so. The things you forget ever happening just come back with a fresh vengeance.

It’s been two years since our last post. It would go without saying that a whole lot has happened in that time.

First off, the wingmen were wingmen no more.

Then Efa’s hair became red


I got plastic surgery to remove my tribal marks:


Ok, I kid.

In the end, we started from here:

Wild guess who became the rapper, and who became the twitter addict

Got here:Lagos-20110821-00544
And then here:

Wingmen Forever
This is a toast, not to much else, but lifelong friendship. So we are bringing the wingmen back. Not just to regale you with stories and shared experiences but to bring sometimes smiles, other times chuckles to you and yours with seemingly innocuous moments in our lives.


Let’s do this!


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